Music for Mental Health – An Online Program for Raising Awareness of Unhealthy Behaviours in People with Depression

What is the purpose of this research?

Many young people with depression do not access mental health support. While they are depressed however, they are more likely to engage with various types of media, including music. Sometimes this music is helpful, but sometimes it can make people feel worse. We aim to use the current research in music psychology to design a smart phone application that can help young people reflect on how their music listening influences their mental health.

The next step in our research is conducting focus groups with young people, particularly those experiencing depression, to discuss how they understand the relationship between music and mental health.

Who do we need to participate?

  • Individuals between the ages of 16 and 24.
  • We are recruiting both for groups of people with depression and people without depression.
  • However we are excluding participants who are currently suicidal.

What does participation in this project involve?

As a participant, you will be asked to:
Answer some screening questions on the phone.
Attend 3 focus groups at the University of Western Sydney Bankstown Campus, each one to two hours.

Participants receive $10 (cash) for each focus group.

When does this project close for participation?
December 2018.

How will this information be used?
The primary purpose for this information is to develop a smart phone application that will be used by young people to improve their mental health. The results of the focus groups will however also be published, with all statements deidentified.

Who is conducting the trial?
The study is being conducted by Dr Sandra Garrido (Chief Investigator) at Western Sydney University and researchers from the Black Dog Institute and UNSW.

Where to go for more information
If you are interested in participating, please contact Dr Sandra Garrido at

Auspicing Institution and Ethics Committee Approval
This study has been approved by Western Sydney University Human Research Ethics Committee and the approval number is H12352