Our Privacy and Confidentiality Policy – to reassure you that you are in a ‘safe’ place.

Your privacy is important and the dNet team are committed to respecting your privacy at all times. All correspondence from you is treated with strict confidence and never forwarded to, or read by anyone outside the team without your express permission.

Any information you provide is used only for the purpose intended and to help us improve the service we provide. Statistical information is reported only at an aggregated level and contains no identifying information.

Your contact details are NOT given to any person or organisation outside the dNet team.

No information which would allow anyone to identify you is displayed anywhere without your express permission. We do at times use feedback from you to promote the work that we are doing, however only the content of your feedback is used. All personal identifying information is removed first.

All members of the team have agreed to abide by these guidelines in word, principle and intent. In addition, you have the right to access and update or correct the personal information we hold on you at any time. If you wish to do this, please let us know.

Your right to privacy is also protected by the National Privacy Principles, with which we comply.

We hope we have covered any concerns you may have. If not, please let us know and we will get onto it immediately.