By Donna

do they know how hard it is
to face each morning with a smile?
does anyone see how tough it becomes
to walk the extra mile?
going through all the motions
people expect of me
wondering what on earth it is
that they can see
I am just a girl, I am noone special
I feel just like a flower
with a falling petal
as each one floats down
a part of me
is no longer around
when the last petal falls
my soul starts to call
I still have my heart
and body to keep me right
but is that enough to keep me going
through each day and night
my world seems to darken
and I am no longer me
I look up to the cloud
and my guardian angel I can see
my someone special has arrived
to help me face each day
today is the start of the rest of your life
is what she’s come to say
hand in hand the demons we will fight
and side by side well always be
until the end is in your sight…