By Mel20

Inside my mind
Inside my heart
I find there is something missing
Tearing me apart
I don’t understand
Whats happening to me
All I understand is
Its not how it should be

Where is the sunshine
That used to brighten my day?
Where is the light source
That guided my way?

Who took my smile
And banished it forever?
Who took my soul
And bound them together?

Why is it that I long for more
And nothing seems to be so right?
Why is it that I long for you
When darkness creeps into the night?

I am nothing
With these thoughts in my head
Despite what I have heard
Despite what I’ve read

You tell me otherwise
As if its not true
What do you expect
When its me not you

I wish I did not have to
Wake every day
Only to struggle
Until again I lay

It all seems so pointless
Frustrating and all
Why can no one answer
When I constantly call?