By Clairebear

I want to capture this moment, this hour, this week.
I want to hold it forever, somewhere safe for me to keep.
The days are filled with sunlight; warm smiles are all around,
And deep inside, a sense of peace, I think at last I’ve found.
Yesterday seems long ago, the night at last is past,
And for the precious gift of life, I’m grateful Lord, at last.
So many blessings all around, dear friends, who’ve stood with me,
I scarcely can remember now why I found them hard to see.

Instead of tired, I’m full of life and I’m not lost today.
I know which path I want to take, which words I want to say.
I want to be with people too, no longer sit alone,
Share stories, laughs or life events instead of staying home.

And when the kids ask mum to play, instead of saying “No,
I do not have the time right now, go on please, off you go!”
I want to spend some time with them, and at their jokes I smile.
I’ll even play monopoly even though it takes a while!

The tiredness, the feeling lost, the fear and sense of pain,
The struggles just to concentrate have gone at last again,
And in their place, this sense of calm, of peace and happiness,
I marvel at the littlest things and know my life is blest.

So I want to capture this moment, this hour, this week,
and put it in a special place, somewhere safe for me to keep.
So next time when I’m feeling down, and cannot find the light,
I can grasp this precious feeling, and hold it close all night.

I’ll remember then the good times, that there have been better days,
and although at times the path is rough, it will not be always.
I will know from deep within my heart, that the fight I can win,
and that precious feeling captured, can be felt again within.

And I wanted to capture this moment, this hour, this week,
and share it with whoever now of good times cannot speak.
I want to try and share my joy so that hope can come to you,
I know the dark and pain you feel, but each day begins anew.