Our Stories of Recovery & Hope

One of the worst aspects of depression, is that it drains all hope, any sense that things, that life, can ever get better.  It continually tells us that this pain will never end, that there is no hope, that life will always be this way, that we will always feel this way.

This is just not true!

Depression is a treatable illness!

With effective treatment, the vast majority of people can, and will recover.   Some of us have chronic depression that will need to be managed long term, and we can live without the depression impacting on our daily lives, without experiencing the symptoms of depression.

We have started this new section of ‘Our Stories’  to gather together our stories of hope and inspiration sent in by those who have been through the fires of hell and emerged to live healthy, happy and full lives.

Please send us your story of recovery and hope to share with others here.

Cory Paterson’s battle with depression is a winner’s story