Motivation by Alan

Who motivates the motivator?

Although my children are all grown up I am still expected to listen to their problems even though I would love to say HEY will someone listen to me for a change? I am sick I have this thing called depression but no one can see it we put on a face that the world wants to see and hide our pain? Because people don’t want to know, we at times feel so alone in a room full of people? As my children grew up I would tell them I LOVE YOU something my parents never told me even though I new they did.

When one of my daughters had post natal depression it was dad who she came to I got her the help she desperately needed and kept her motivated to continue her treatment when at times she just wanted it to go away.

Then when one of my other daughters had to have a pace maker put in when she was only 16 and it was not a success who was it that talked to her and encouraged her to go through the operation again and gave her the motivation to see it through, dad of course.

And when another of my daughters had a condition that the Drs told her could make go blind it was dad that was there motivating her to look on the positive side.

And when my step daughter had leukemia and did not know if she was going to live or die it was dad who looked after her and motivated her to continue. You see she was an elite athlete and was told that would all go well — I created the impossible dream — I told her if she lets me train her I will get her representing her country within 2 yrs (I was looking for something to take her mind of her cancer) she accepted the challenge but then of course I had to make it come true no one wanted to help us, the hospital gave us all the support thy could but to cut a long story short I did make the impossible dream come true and she did represent her country (within the 2yrs that I had stated and is still competing at the highest possible level) I kept her motivated when she just wanted to give up.

Then when my son-in-law made a genuine attempt at committing suicide I was again there to listen to him support him he had not had a father figure as he was growing up and he needed a father figure just to talk blokey things to and encourage him and give him the motivation to carry on I’m glad to say the medical profession did a good job with him.

Now it is me who needs motivating to do the things I used to enjoy?? So who motivates the motivator ?????

Well there is only one answer that that question.

ME that’s who motivates the motivator and it all starts here with depressioNet.

May you also find the motivation to find the answers to your problem as I hope I do as I must never give up hope for without hope what do I have?