If you are feeling suicidal or unsafe you need to immediately get help to keep you safe.

If you believe there is any chance that you may be going to harm yourself in anyway please seek help immediately!

      1. Ring LIFELINE: 13 11 14 or another emergency counselling service immediately.
      2. Get a friend, family member, neighbour, etc to be with you.
      3. Ring your doctor or other health care professional.
      4. Ring an ambulance.
      5. Get yourself to your nearest hospital.

dNet is NOT a mental health service. It is created by, and for, people like us – Australians living with depression and related conditions and our families and friends.

Neither the dNet Team nor the other visitors are mental health professionals or counsellors. We are not equipped or skilled or able in any way to provide emergency counselling.

It is a good idea to have someone with you if you can. Call a friend, family member or neighbour you trust to be with you and help you get to the professional help and support you are needing.

Suicidal thoughts are a common symptom of major depression

There is a difference between ‘suicidal thoughts’ and ‘suicidal intention.  Suicidal thoughts are a common symptom of depression, and it can actually help to talk about these with others who have been there.   This can help to take the power out of these thoughts.

It is ok to use the dNet chat and messageboard to get the support you need to help deal effectively with the symptoms of depression including suicidal thoughts.

It is when depression gets so bad that you are at the point where you are in danger of acting on these, that you urgently need to get professional assistance to keep safe.

If you are having suicidal thoughts but are not in immediate danger, let your doctor know as soon as possible so they can help you to prepare an action plan to keep safe.