Insights Into Depression by Andrew

A Glimmer of Hope for People who are Full of Despair.

I am writing this book because I want to share my experiences of Depression over most of my life and also how I finally overcame it, without counselling or drugs, even after all hope of doing so had left me.

I had no hope because no hope was offered. I knew of no-one who had overcome Depression without drugs and that is all I was offered by the doctors I saw. Now that I have come through it I want to offer the hope I never had to others who are now experiencing similar pain.

Over 15% of Australians are said to have been depressed. What does that mean? Is that just how many people take medication for it? It is quite clear that many of us suffer from Depression and other so-called mental illnesses. Some of us have it now, or have had it rule their lives, others still have that to look forward to, and stil others live with the pain without even knowing it for what it is.

I suffered from depression in my mind and my body for the first 25 years of my life, before I finally realised I was carrying this chaos around inside me. After, the understanding started to come to me the feelings became steadily more intense and overwhelming until the pain of my depression ruled my life. This lasted over 4 years.

Medical science cannot cure Depression because they don’t know what causes it. I refused to take drugs because I needed to understand what was happening inside me and why. I now know what caused my depression and how it effected my brain’s chemistry. And I successfully healed myself.

The pain is now gone, but I will never forget it. I don’t want to forget while so many others still suffer. If there is a chance this book can help those people, then that is a chance I need to take.