Insights Into Depression (Chapter Two) by Andrew

While I was still depressed I discovered Reiki. I completed the courses for the first two levels and I now have hands of healing. It was an amazing feeling to stand before a Reiki master, receive the opening to the Universal energy, and instantly become a ‘healer’.

Of course Reiki on it’s own did not heal me of depression, otherwise this book would be just about Reiki. But both Rebirthing and Reiki helped me explore my subcoscious self and manipulate spiritual energies in a way that was, in the end, vital to my self healing.

I used them to help me explore the darkness of depression and beyond that the dark side of humanity itself. It is a terrifying road to travel. I now understand why people can hurt and kill each other. I can understand people like Hitler, Manson and Ronald Ryan. These people are necessary in the society we live in, the way it is today. They create devastating events that are as inevitable as a body sickening and dying after ingesting poison.

I have proven, at least to myself, that we are not inherently evil. I have felt what it is like to do evil things and I absolutely do not want to do them. If I had the power to ‘kill with a glance’, I know I would not use it. We can enter the abyss that so rightly frightens us, but maybe for the wrong reasons. There is pain there, and overwhelming emotion, even madness, but if you take courage and walk in there consciously, you can walk out again whole.

In fact, we cannot be whole, how can we?, without truly knowing all of ourselves. Become aware of who you truly are and express your freedom in every way you can. It drains a hell of a lot of energy to fight against our true nature and do things we really don’t want to. That is not just a path to individual healing because if you can bring yourself to believe in yourself you will know, as I do, that Freedom, if we can ever acheive it, does not mean chaos but Unity.

As a race we also need to explore the connection between ourselves and the universe. And the universe for us does not extend far beyond our planet. Aliens and Gods are real enough, but only because our collective unconscious has made them so. Whatever is beyond our planet and solar system is, I believe beyond our perception currently because we are more aware of our own very real myths than we could ever be of anything beyond them. When we find out who we are maybe then we will find a galaxy full of other beings waiting to meet us. But not just yet.

The Piscean Age, which is now in it’s last years, is all about connecting our conscious physical existance with the unconscious and spiritual side of ourselves. This is something we will do in one way or another before the Age of Aquarius comes fully into it’s own. The Age of Aquarius is about Group Consciousness and this can mean that as a race we decide our problems can’t be solved in the way that I hope for just as much as meaning that we will all finally connect in a loving spiritual way and take the biggest evolutionary leap since gaining consciousness-shaking off our destructive animal unconscious.

I took up Astrology around the same time as Reiki and as a Piscean myself I recognised the work that needs to be done to complete this Age. Many people believe that if we don’t do the work necessary now then we will bring destruction upon ourselves in a final desperate attempt to cleanse the planet.

I believe they are wrong, however, along with many religions who believe the same. We were going that way for many years and it is probably only in the last 5 to 10 years that we have turned from that path. The mechanisms of that destruction are being at least partially disabled, if slowly, but if we are honest with ourselves, Our motives have not exactly been righteous. They have been phyisical rather than spiritual, and definately political and economical. When we start looking after our planet because we understand it’s worth rather than doing things for money and power, then I will know that We are evolving spiritually.

Now that I have healed myself of a very powerful social and Racial mental disorder I do see a path for Our spiritual evolution to take. I know that no-one else has discovered an effective solution to our problems because I know I will see and feel the results. Everyone will.

I don’t blame healers for thinking that each person that is healed in their presence causes ripples in the human collective and therefore contributes to the healing of the world. They do change the world and are not merely imagining it. They change their own world, maybe everything they touch, because as we open ourselves up to the divine spirit within us it shines forth for others to see. People see in you what they yearn for in themselves and they may change because of what they see, but only or mostly in respect to you. Your love shines forth and therefore you are loved more by those around you, but that is obviously not enough to make a difference. Try making ripples in the ocean, get a hundred friends to help, a thousand even. You could perhaps build a wall to stop the tide, but the tide remains. It is simply too huge to effect by normal means. The human mind is 10% conscious and 90% unconscious and the Group mind is the same. I really do believe that even though we have been successful in dealing with our own subconscious, Our Racial unconscious is simply too big to be effected by the relatively few healers on the planet today. And we have no chance as long as we continue to jealeously guard our own methods of healing instead of working together.

I do feel from the depths of my being that my way could work where others wouldn’t. But as long as it remains ‘my way’ it will never work.

Eventually we must together choose a path that will be Our way.