Insights Into Depression (Chapter Three) by Andrew

I have been writing about what I call my insights which I have gained through my connection to the human race. I believe what I am writng to be true but I also know that my beliefs will change if we all open ourselves up and the Group mind becomes clearer. That is because the Group Mind is mostly unconscious and confused just like most of the individuals on the planet. I know that we are confused because our actions are basically destructive as a whole whereas we are an inherently peaceful people.

If we were inherently bad then we should be happy to inflict pain and suffering on others and watch them squirm. I really don’t think there are many people in this world who are like that. Instead we beat ourselves up for our part in the attrocities. Somebody once said that we don’t die natural deaths anymore- we kill ourselves with our knives and forks. And that is absolutely true. When we aren’t abusing ourselves with one drug or another, we’re slowly destroying our bodies with ‘food’ not designed for them. Why do we keep doing these things to ourselves if not as a response of a peaceful people who unconsciously force themselves into destructive situations.

Can you see why there is enough going on in this world to make us all feel depressed, even without the added pressure in many of us-created by abnormal levels of chemicals in our brains? A happy human race would not be consciously or unconsciously destroying itself. To me it seems like a cry for help from the Group mind.

I believe we are all connected spiritually or subconsciously to everyone else on the planet. Each of us mirror the suffering of Humanity in our own particular way. Some of us are afflicted with illnesses like depression or heart disease or cancer and others will find the world’s pain reflected witin them manifest in other ways in their lives. Many people have healed physical illnesses like cancer without medical intervention, using only spiritual healing.They do it by courageously confronting their own subconscious hurts and blockages and openly dealing with them.

In my experience, however, there is always at least one area in a person’s life that even these New Age people cannot seem to deal with in this way. Using the philosophy ‘Our Thoughts Create Reality’ and changing our thoughts from negative to positive can take us a long way dealing with our own unconscious mind. Well, nobody’s perfect, as most healers, Im sure, would be the first to agree, but there must be some reason for this apparent limit on the incredible power of self healing.

Well, I am prepared to arrogantly present an answer to this dilemma, as you probably expect by now. Well, ‘Thought Creates Reality’ is quite successful against our own unconscious minds, but as I said, alone we can do little against the power of the Group Mind. The trouble is that everyone elses’ thoughts create reality also and when we come up against the Human unconsciousness within us we are simply outnumbered.

This devastating realisation marked a time when I hit rock bottom and believed there was no hope for me or anyone else on this planet. If the Group mind had decided that I needed to be depressed for whatever reason, then I could chant ‘I am happy’ until the cows came home, but it would all be in vain. They had me by the short and curlys.

Surprisingly enough, although it didn’t help me much at the time, I did gain a shred of hope from this realisation. Because although it was ‘mildly’ overwhelming at the time, I knew that defining a problem is the first step to finding a solution. At least I knew why all the good intentions of so many individuals and groups of people over the years have ultimately failed to bring about the changes needed. Ghandi knew he had failed and how could anyone hope to set a better example for humanity? I knew that no-one had yet found a solution to all the problems in the world and at least I felt like I was making a start understanding them.

The Group mind is also, I believe, responsible for ‘Past Life’ experiences and Alien encounters. I don’t mean to trivialise either because there really is nothing trivial about them at all, but they do fit the description of a powerful world mythology. Were there really Gods and Demons walking the Earth thousands of years ago? Maybe not, but I’m sure the people that experienced them were just as sure of their reality as Alien abductees today.

And Alien encounters and Past Life experiences can teach us a great deal. In two ways: first the individual can gain valuable insight into their own path in life while helping them through difficult periods; and second taken as a collection all of us can learn from the form these experiences take. The myths are trying to tell us something important about the problems we face today. Just like when we interpret meaning from our dreams, we need to disregard our conscious/critical thoughts on the events experienced and allow meaning to come to us from a different level of consciousness.

The modern day myths are extremely powerful, giving us a direct insight into the problems we all face from a wiser side of the Group mind. The side that gives us depression and other crosses to bear is unconscious and acts from instinct. Just like individuals can turn childhood trauma in on themselves causing cancer and the like, so can Humanity express it’s unacknowledged pain and suffering by inflicting millions of us with heart problems.

There is no secret elite group running the planet and enslaving us all to their wills. We are all in the same boat and doing it all to ourselves. Nothing else makes sense to me.

But as overwhelming as all this is, I maintain there is hope to be born from knowing these things. We are not part of some grand alien experiment, waiting to be squashed when we step out of line. (That, unfortunately, is a human thing). We are part of the entity that inflicts us, even as we afflict ourselves, and it wants to be healed even as we do.

So we come back to how that healing is to take place. As I have said, no-one has found an answer to that question yet, and no-one can do it alone. And as necessary and noble a cause as healing individuals is, it cannot change the world if all those who are healed go their seperate ways. You cannot heal a body’s illness by curing a symptom, that just pushes the problem away until it finds another outlet. Individuals represent symptom’s of society’s ill’s, so healing individuals only, in the way I have so often seen happen using many different modalities, just will not effect the necessary change in the long run.

Gloomy I know, but I have had a victory over the group mind, and therefore I still allow myself that thin glimmer of hope. As I have said I believe that the Group mind we are dealing with is acting out instinctively out of the pain it is feeling. It is unconscious, confused, frustrated, angry, deeply sad, and it is acting in darkness- blindly.

And in a way I fooled it. I used a simple trick to stop it from picking me out to be depressed. It is an overwhelming force of 5 billion unconscious minds, but my conscious mind has challenged it successfully. It is enough to keep me trying. Hopefully it is enough to help and inspire others to really go for a better life.

Depression and other mental illnesses are just as inevitable in our society. I believe that because modern science seems to be blinded by their obsession with curing symptoms. Vitamins, operations, antibiotics, you name it, all are cures for symptoms while the real problems inside us continue to get worse. Our symptoms are our body’s attempt to release toxic material from the body. Too much food in our systems will become toxic and too many emotions will also fester inside us If we hold onto them for some reason.

So, if for example, I work at a job that I really hate, the frustration, anger, sadness, etc. that results from being forced to live my life for the benefit of other people will build up inside me unless I have an effective way of cleansing myself of it regularly. If they do continue to build up then my emotions will eventually run my life.

Because if I really don’t feel like going to work, but I do nothing about that feeling and then go anyway, then I am ignoring deep feelings and without other influences sooner or later I will break down and be unable to go to work at all. What I need to do, and what I have done, is find a job that I feel is worthwhile for me to do, take on the hours I know I can handle, and take time off when I find it necessary.

The trouble is that we often don’t take our emotions into consideration in our often hectic lives. Or we trivialise our emotions by thinking work is more important, or your partner, or your children. But if we can’t look after ourselves, how the hell can we expect to be able to look after anyone else?

The reason I ‘allowed’ my children to have a depressed father was that I have a responsibility to teach them how to live in this world. I believe I was doing that even while I was depressed because the most important thing I can teach anyone is to be honest with themselves and to deal with their problems honestly. I was doing the best I could with my life, and that is as much as I can expect of anyone and the last thing I want to teach my children is to force themselves to do anything they don’t want to. I want my children to be as free as they can be in the world they were born into.

Even with all this reasoning, freedom to do whatever you want sounds incredibly selfish. At times I do step on some toes, that is unavoidable, but I never do it without good reason and I never enjoy it. I am also prepared to take any just consequences for all my actions and I don’t want any more freedom for myself than I want for anyone else.

A friend once asked me if I would give him the freedom to kill me. The easy answer is yes, and I would also have the freedom to defend myself. But I do not believe murder would be the act of a free individual. I believe that violence is unnatural to humans and is an unconscious and compulsive behaviour learned long before we were ready for such a trial.

The Earth went from being a tropical paradise to an Ice planet while humankind was young and unprepared. For the first time in our history we had to fight and kill each other to ensure our survival. We were also forced to change our diet from predominantly fruit, which was rapidly disappearing, to predominantly meat. So we also had to kill the animals we had previously lived peacefully among.

And just like we as individuals carry pain from our childhood around with us for years, affecting us in our struggle through life, so I believe We as Human Beings have carried a huge legacy from our infancy because of our guilt and regret. We no longer need to kill each other just to survive, nor do We need to kill animals to eat, and yet We still do these things. We continue to act in the same way we were forced to at the dawn of our consciousness to insure our survival; We are violent, jealous, fighting for things which could be shared and acting like spoilt children through it all. I’m sure everyone is aware of the playground like language of parliaments around the world. We have not grown consciously beyond the child like humans who had so sadly to fight for their lives all those generations ago.