The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook


By Edmund Bourne

This is a revision of the best-selling classic. It provides step-by-step help for sufferers of anxiety and phobic disorders. This edition offers the latest treatment strategies for the whole range of these problems – panic disorder, agoraphobia, generalised anxiety disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder – with revisions that include updated information on medications, mindfulness training, and health-related conditions that aggravate anxiety.



Edmund J. Bourne, PH.D. is an American self-help author, psychologist and researcher on anxiety, anxiety disorders and the treatment of anxiety disorders. He was the director of The Anxiety and Treatment Center in San Jose and Santa Rosa, California. In 1990, Edmund Bourne published The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook, a self-help book that won the Benjamin Franklin Book Award for Excellence in Psychology. He lives and practices in Florida and California.


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ISBN: 1572244135


‘I thoroughly recommend this book to anyone trying to find positive solutions to overcoming phobias and anxiety.  It is easy to read and in a workbook form, which makes following the directions very easy.’


Living With It – A Guide to Panic Attacks



Written by a patient for patients from a patient’s point of view, Bev Aisbett’s little book provides the tools in dealing with panic with the aid of her inimitable cartoons. Her follow-up books – Living It Up and Letting It Go – are presented in the same cartoon style and act as a guide to the life skills required to transform anxiety into a tool for growth and change.


Bev Aisbett is a counsellor and recovering depressive.
She has written several books on how to cope with anxiety and depression.   The content of all her books is very valuable for depression sufferers, and they make very easy reading.
Bev believes that to beat depression, sufferers have to change their thoughts. Change your thoughts and you’ll change your life. Aisbett says thoughts are extremely powerful.

However, she agrees with other experts that there are three main causes of depression: genetic, physical or personality. Some of us are born with a tendency to depression inherited form a parent. Others have a chemical imbalance in the brain. Another cause is personality. Particularly sensitive and emotional people are more prone to have feelings that upset them. Perfectionists who set themselves high standards can become upset when they don’t achieve them. People who are highly dependent on others can become depressed if they feel let down.

Aisbett believes the genetic argument is over-estimated. “If we look at the list of factors that have triggered a persons current emotional state, and they start owning those, the genes aspect is pretty minimal,” she says. If the cause was totally genetic, Aisbett points out, the sufferer should not improve but people with depression do improve. Which brings Aisbett back to the power of thought and self-opinion. “If your self-esteem is good, then you’re going to perceive the world in a more supported way. You’re not going to be interpreting the blows of life as blows, but as challenges.”


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“A book I found to be absolutely fantastic is this one. It’s a slightly comical and very down to earth book written by an Australian sufferer. “

From Panic to Power

From Panic to Power



“From Panic to Power will take you on a transforming journey from fear, anxiety, and panic to success, personal power, and peace of mind. Lucinda Bassett developed the internationally acclaimed “Attacking Anxiety” program — a combination of techniques and skills that helps people suffering from anxiety and panic attacks to overcome their fears and regin their independence. Her powerful program, which teaches people how to think differently and respond in a less anxious way, has already enabled thousands all over the world to transform their draining doubts, fears, and anxieties into powerful positive energy and newfound freedom.


Lucinda Bassett developed the internationally acclaimed ‘Attacking Anxiety’ program, a combination of techniques and skills that help people suffering from anxiety and panic attacks to overcome their fears and regain their independence. The program has been used with major corporations in the USA like McDonalds, Chrysler and Ford. Her recovery program concentrates on taking responsibility for the way you feel; compassionate self-talk; cultivating self-esteem; self-motivation (stop being disappointed and start getting what you want); and keeping stress from becoming anxiety. Her book is full of personal stories (including her own), lots of questions and answers, lots of headings too which makes reading the book so much easier


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ISBN: 0060927585

Embracing The Fear

Embracing The Fear: Learning To Manage Anxiety and Panic Attacks

By Judith Bemis and AMR Barrada

Nothing to fear but fear itself? For anyone who has ever suffered from the palm sweating, heart pounding, trembling, panting, exhausting terror of anxiety or panic attacks, that is more than enough. This book, authored by two recovering agoraphobics, offers strategies for managing anxieties and phobias, emphasizing the need to first accept our anxiety and panic, encouraging us to take risks, and giving specific dialogues to counter fearful self-talk. Although they do not address nutritional approaches or relaxation techniques, the cognitive approach they emphasize is a uniquely valuable strategy for understanding and managing fear


Judith Bemis, a recovered agoraphobic, started experiencing panic attacks in 1965. Thinking that it was a serious medical problem, she continually searched for answers concerning the cause, but to no avail. After a period of being semi-housebound, she managed to white-knuckle it until a major setback in 1981 prompted a renewed search for help. A year of cognitive therapy proved to be a turning point in her life. 
Wanting to share her freedom with others, she founded Open Door Outreach, Inc. (a network of support groups for people with agoraphobia and other related anxiety disorders) and has served as director and facilitator for the organization since 1986. In January of 2007, Open Door merged with NAMI Minnesota (National Alliance on Mental Illness). Ms. Bemis currently serves on the NAMI Minnesota Board of Directors. 

Ms. Bemis holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from the University of Minnesota, and did graduate work at Michigan State University. Before retiring, she taught public school music for thirty-five years and worked as a consultant for two years at Abbott-Northwestern Hospital’s Behavioral Medicine Clinic in Minneapolis. She is committed to helping improve the lives of people who suffer with anxiety and panic attacks. 



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I have read and or purchased over 10 Anxiety books and this one was definiately a book worth reading. I want general advice or a cognitive plan that works. I’ve suffered with my illness for more than 6 months, been on many different meds. (Still taking them) and tried many things. To me this book is as good as any therapy I’ve had so far. This book will not cure you, but it will teach you how to “Cope” with attacks instead of fighting them.


DONT PANIC: Anxiety, Phobias & Tension



We are all inclined to worry, but for many people the problem is more profound, even disabling. This practical book explains and identifies phobias, anxiety and tension, and offers commonsense suggestions on how to face your fears and regain control. Don’t Panic will teach you to think straight again so that you can look forward to a brighter future.


Dr Andrew Page is Associate Professor and Director of Clinical Psychology Training at the School of Psychology, University of Western Australia. He is also a consultant to one of Australia’s premier private psychiatric hospitals, Perth Clinic, and is Co-Director of the Robin Winkler Clinic at the University of Western Australia. He has also worked as a clinical psychologist with the Clinical Research Unit for Anxiety and Depression, St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney.

Dr Page is the inaugural winner of the Tracy Goodall Early Career Award in recognition of innovation in research and treatment in cognitive and behavioural therapy and is past national president of the Australian Association for Cognitive and Behaviour Therapy. He has written six books and numerous journal articles, chiefly on anxiety and its disorders.


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ISBN:   9781876624873