Great books to shed some light

Whether you have depression yourself, or have a family member or friend with depression, there is a wealth of information and understanding to be gained from books written by medical practitioners, therapists, depression sufferers, those who have come through major depression and related conditions (such as bipolar disorder) as well as those written by family members and friends.

Most of the books we include here are written by Australians.

Endal – Dog of the Millennium

ENDAL by Allen and Sandra Parton The remarkable story of Endal, voted ‘Dog of the Millennium’, and how, through his remarkable skills, companionship and unstinting devotion, he gave Allen Parton a reason to live again. Allen Parton was seriously injured while serving in the Gulf War. He lost the use of both of his legs, […]


CLOUDSTREET by Tim Winton This book is a modern, comtempory work of fiction. From separate catastrophes two rural families flee to the city and find themselves sharing a great, breathing, shuddering joint called Cloudstreet, where they begin their lives again from scratch. For twenty years they roister and rankle, laugh and curse until the roof […]

A Big Little Life

A BIG LITTLE LIFE by Dean Koontz Dean Koontz’s first ever nonfiction book is the deeply moving story of his life with his good dog Trixie. Dean Koontz is known for exploring the dark side of human nature in his fiction. But his softer, playful side comes out when he talks about his beloved dog, Trixie, […]

The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook

THE ANXIETY AND PHOBIA WORKBOOK By Edmund Bourne This is a revision of the best-selling classic. It provides step-by-step help for sufferers of anxiety and phobic disorders. This edition offers the latest treatment strategies for the whole range of these problems – panic disorder, agoraphobia, generalised anxiety disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder – with revisions that […]

Living With It – A Guide to Panic Attacks

LIVING WITH IT: A GUIDE TO PANIC ATTACKS BY BEV AISBETT, AUSTRALIAN AUTHOR Written by a patient for patients from a patient’s point of view, Bev Aisbett’s little book provides the tools in dealing with panic with the aid of her inimitable cartoons. Her follow-up books – Living It Up and Letting It Go – […]

From Panic to Power

From Panic to Power BY LUCINDA BASSETT   “From Panic to Power will take you on a transforming journey from fear, anxiety, and panic to success, personal power, and peace of mind. Lucinda Bassett developed the internationally acclaimed “Attacking Anxiety” program — a combination of techniques and skills that helps people suffering from anxiety and […]

Embracing The Fear

Embracing The Fear: Learning To Manage Anxiety and Panic Attacks By Judith Bemis and AMR Barrada Nothing to fear but fear itself? For anyone who has ever suffered from the palm sweating, heart pounding, trembling, panting, exhausting terror of anxiety or panic attacks, that is more than enough. This book, authored by two recovering agoraphobics, […]

DONT PANIC: Anxiety, Phobias & Tension

DON’T PANIC: ANXIETY, PHOBIAS AND TENSION BY DR ANDREW PAGE We are all inclined to worry, but for many people the problem is more profound, even disabling. This practical book explains and identifies phobias, anxiety and tension, and offers commonsense suggestions on how to face your fears and regain control. Don’t Panic will teach you […]

Understanding Depression

Understanding Depression By Maria Prendergast Depression is devastating not only for patients but also their families and friends.  This book provides a unique insight into this pervsive illness, and includes frank and moving stories from both sufferers and their carers. Maria Prendergast also tackles the bigger picture, examining the information (and misinformation) available in the […]

Hands-on Health Promotion

Hands-on Health Promotion Edited By Rob Moodie and Alana Hulme Hands-On Health Promotion provides health promoters with useful guidance on everyday practice – on how to conceptualise, develop, implement, monitor, and evaluate health promotion programs at national, state and local levels. In his Introduction to the book, Rob Moodie defines health promotion, provides a framework […]

My Mum Has Depression

My Mum Has Depression by Nina Mitchell My Mother Has Depression is a beautifully illustrated book that explains depression in simple words and pictures suitable for children of all ages. Nina wrote this book as a result of her personal experience to provide a tool to adults so they can start the conversation with children. It would […]

Back From The Brink Too

Back From The Brink Too by Graeme Cowan   Family members of people with mental illness play an enormous role in providing care and support for people living with depression, as well as other forms of mental illness. Back From The Brink Too provides much-needed practical guidance for family carers and raise awareness of the […]

The Broken Mirror

Katherine Phillips draws on years of clinical practice and detailed interviews with patients. She describes what is known about the disorder, what patients experience, what researches have learned about it, and what treatments seem helpful.

ECT – An Australasian Guide

ELECTROCONVULSIVE THERAPY (ECT) – An Australasian Guide by J.W.G Tiller and R.W Lyndon   Misinformation about ECT has contributed to the fear and other negative attitudes towards treatment, in stark contrast to the views expressed by those who have benefited. Electroconvulsive Therapy: an Australasian Guide brings together relevant information about ECT that will be of […]

Dealing With Depression

Dealing With Depression By Gordon Parker Most of us get ‘the blues’ at some point in our lives, and some people find that they just can’t shake them. How can you tell when you or someone you know is suffering from depression that needs clinical treatment? How can you find the best treatment for your […]

Compassion And Self Hate

Many of us know that self-destructive patterns are rooted in self-dislike, but few of us understand how to break them. This book shows us realistic ways to break these negative mental and emotional attitudes and build a strong sense of well-being and self-understanding.

Change Your Thinking

Positive and practical ways to overcome stress, negative emotions and self-defeating behaviour using CBT.

When Angels Cry

Hairy tales and historical legwork from the Black Dog Institute’s Writing Competition. ‘Tracking the Black Dog’ draws from highlights of the hundreds of entries from ‘people like us’

Tracking The Black Dog

Hairy tales and historical legwork from the Black Dog Institute’s Writing Competition. ‘Tracking the Black Dog’ draws from highlights of the hundreds of entries from ‘people like us’.

Swimming Against The Tide

Swimming champ Petria Thomas opens her heart about overcoming debilitating physical setbacks as well as severe depression in her quest for Olympic gold.

Out Of The Blue

Behind the bubbly warm facade that viewers saw, Joanna had been struggling with depression for years. An inspirational story of overcoming depression to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Mastering Bipolar Disorder

Personal stories from sufferers of bipolar disorder reveal what it’s like on the inside. Their inspiring accounts and wise advice are accompanied by tips from psychiatrists for managing this difficult condition successfully.

Journeys with the Black Dog

Inspirational stories of bringing depression to heel from ‘people like us’ who contributed to the Black Dog Institute’s 2007 writing competition. Lots of good ideas on what works – and what doesn’t! – in dealing with depression.

Broken Open

ABC Radio presenter, Craig Hamilton, shares a very honest and open personal account of his trip to hell… and back.

Back From The Brink

Personal interviews with over 10 prominent and everyday Australians who live with depression. Graeme lives with depression himself and his understanding shines through in this wonderful book!

A Woman’s Courage, Inside Depression

What is it like to live with depression?
Christina Taylor presents an honest account of what it was like for her, keeping a smile on her face for the benefit of the outside world, as she battled daily with conflicting and abnormal emotions and behaviours.

A Better Life

How our darkest moments can be our greatest gifts
8 years after publishing his first book, Broken Open, Craig has written this frank and inspiring guide to living a happy, fulfilling life with the challenge of a mental health issue.

View from the bottom of the well

View from the bottom of the well describes the desolation of depression in a clear and unsentimental way and will greatly enhance the reader’s understanding of this very common illness.

Living With a Black Dog

Living With a Black Dog By Matthew & Ainsley Johnstone    Millions of people will suffer from depression at some stage in their life.  When the Black Dog comes to live with us, it also moves in with our loved ones – who may not have the tools to help and support us while looking after their own wellbeing. […]

I Had a Black Dog

With only one sentence per page, the pictures in this fabulous book tell as much as the words! Great for the ‘non-reader’ or as a quick and light introduction to the experience of living depression (depicted as a black dog).

Black Dog Daze

This is the personal story of Australian politician Andrew Robb. Andrew Robb is also mentioned in our Well Known People Like Us section of our website.