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Sadness, Grief and Depression – How to bring lasting change

1 day | cost $125 | 5 Nov 2016 Fabic Centre, Gold Coast Presented by: Tanya Curtis DOWNLOAD THE FLYER Overview Our experience of the world can sometimes feel overwhelming and all too consuming, leading to feelings of sadness, depression and wanting to “give up”. People of all ages and demographics experience loss of some […]

Anxiety – Bringing Understanding & Lasting Change

1 day | cost $125 | 27 Aug 2016 Fabic Centre, Gold Coast Presented by: Tanya Curtis DOWNLOAD THE FLYER Is anxiety stopping you from living your life in full? Learn to understand your anxiety and take control back of your life. Tanya Curtis (founder and Senior Behavior Specialist at Fabic) has practised in a […]

Why Taking The Occasional Day Off Work Is Good For You

Emily Blatchford The Huffington Post Australia June 6, 2016 With the cost of absenteeism to the Australian economy estimated to be around $32.5 billion, it’s safe to say Aussies are well and truly familiar with the concept of chucking a sickie. While the practice may seem harmless enough, it can also be safely assumed not […]

Depression: New blood test could result in personalised treatment

ABC News June 7, 2016 Scientists have developed a blood test that can predict whether people with depression will respond to common anti-depressants, a discovery that could bring in a new era of personalised treatment for people with the debilitating mental illness. The researchers said doctors should in future be able to direct depressed patients […]

Brain scans could be used to diagnose depression and tailor treatments for it

Nance Haxton ABC News June 1, 2016 Brain scans can reveal whether someone suffers from depression and show what kind of depression they have, according to a breakthrough new study. The findings, published in Psychological Medicine, showed that medical imaging techniques, commonly known as MRIs, show distinct differences in the brains of people suffering different […]