A Woman’s Courage, Inside Depression

A Woman’s Courage, Inside Depression


Depression is a difficult topic to discuss. Not only can it be quite personal for us all, though you never know what people are going to think of you once you finally reveal yourself. It’s almost seen as a dirty little subject, the taboo word that should remain behind closed doors and not be explored. Yet, obviously, this is not how it should be.
As we slowly begin to progress as a civilization we realize that it is only through sharing our faults, and discussing them, that finally we can understand each other, relate, and most importantly, learn.
One of the greatest lessons I have gained within my own life, is to know that I am not alone. To understand that others have made the same mistakes, and that they too have undergone similar life experiences.

The indecisions from the main character (Christina herself), although at times frustrating to read, are typical human faults that we can all relate to. Of cause, it’s easy to look at such things from a third party point of view and offer wisdom, though I too remember facing such issues for the first time. With no previous experience to fall on, you drown. And this is where the book takes your heart.
As the tale continues, the true depth behind Christina’s depression unravels. It is here that you are smacked across the face with a cold fish. It is blunt, it is in your face, and it does not hold back. It’s a refreshing change to the monopoly of story’s regarding depression in circulation today.
Christina Taylor offers more than just another story, she offers life experience. Taking oneself into the open is a brave and bold move that many of us would not undertake. Though it is this type of strength, dedication, and of cause, courage, that makes “A Woman’s Courage” a must read for us all. Do yourself a favor and order a copy.


Christina grew up in Rokeby Tasmania and moved to Kensington Victoria in 2001.

She started suffering from Depression in the 1990’s, however at this time she didn’t realise that depression was an actual condition, as she was under the belief that everyone was depressed at times and that it was a normal reaction to the everyday stress of life.

After being diagnosed as depressive she was offered medication and had issues with suicidal thoughts.  She found writing all the emotions and thoughts down in a diary very therapeutic.

Later, after she had been well for 5 years, she decided to publish her diary as an account of that time in her life, in the hopes that others would be able to relate, understand that they are not crazy and so people with depression would feel less isolated.  She also hoped that it would help to prevent suicides.

The sequel to this book is due out in 2014


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Published by: Brolga Publishing

ISBN: 9781922036353

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