Understanding Depression

Understanding Depression

By Maria Prendergast

Depression is devastating not only for patients but also their families and friends.  This book provides a unique insight into this pervsive illness, and includes frank and moving stories from both sufferers and their carers.

Maria Prendergast also tackles the bigger picture, examining the information (and misinformation) available in the public arena and revealing the painfully inadequate state of Australia’s mental health services.

This extremely accessible book reveals the human face of depression.  It will undoubtedly further our understanding of this illness and it is to be hoped, inspire a more enlightened approach to those who suffer from it.


Maria Prendergast is a freelance writer and broadcaster. She has written many books, including Understanding Asthma, Understanding Migraine, Stroke and Heart Attack Rehabilitation and Banks Behaving Badly. She was a feature writer for Australian Consolidated Press for many years and currently contributes to newspapers in Australia and the United Kingdom. She is on a number of boards and committees, including the board of depressioNet from 2004 to 2006 and has a strong interest in social and environmental issues.

Maria has experienced depression personally since writing this book, following the death of her husband and best friend in 2009.  She has always been a strong supporter of the founder of depressioNet – including our new dNet!


You can purchase ‘Understanding Depression’ directly from our dNet for $25.00 (inc p&h)!   Justsend us an email and we will organise it directly with you.

Published by: Penguin

ISBN: 0-14-100493-2

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