Never been better

Never been better

68 Years Old 

I am now a 68 years old lady.

I worked in a psychiatric hospital for over 10 years observing the patients who suffered various mental disorders.

Once a year I would hit a low and off to the doctor I would go.

After about 6 weeks with the aid of valium I would be back on track having no time off work.  After all I couldn’t have a mental illness because I worked in that field and I was not like those people.  I also had two daughters trained psychiatric nurses.  I somehow was in denial and thought I could handle my health as I had done in the past.

After I retired from work I lost my husband quite suddenly and from then on I seemed to spiral downhill fast.

I moved to Queensland with my daughter and family.  She worked in the private hospital in a small psychiatric unit.  After much persuasion I went along and saw her boss who was the psychiatrist at the hospital.

At this time I would have been 61 years old. I had spiralled out of control, spending money, being very creative with artistic skills, unable to sleep etc. etc.
I have never be hospitalised.  I have been on a small dose of Lithium since then and my mental health has never been better.

I had heard some negative opinions about Lithium but I can say it works for me with no so side effects.  It has been around since after WWII and I am doing fine with the treatment.

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