Mental Illness & Insurance

Mental Illness & Insurance

This topic has been the subject of four reports on the ABC. The links provided here go in each case to a page containing a video and transcript.

The first is Meet the young woman taking on an insurance giant for the rights of people with mental illness :

A 21-year-old girl is taking on an insurance giant to fight for what she believes is the rights for people with mental illness to be treated like anyone else when it comes to getting insurance.

The second article is Big insurers face more claims following QBE’s court challenge over mental illness policy and follows on from the first :

Insurance exclusions based on mental illness may be an issue in life insurance as well as travel insurance, according to those who contacted us after the story of Ella Ingram who sued QBE for rejecting her claim when she cancelled a trip due due to severe depression.

The third article is Bali doctor hero refused income protection due to PTSD :

A doctor who suffered post traumatic stress disorder caused by being one of the first responders at the Bali bombings has been refused income protection because of his mental health.

The fourth article is Landmark insurance case to change rules for people with mental illness :

A young Melbourne woman has won a landmark case against QBE, which refused to give her travel insurance because she had suffered depression.

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