Hands-on Health Promotion

Hands-on Health Promotion

Edited By Rob Moodie and Alana Hulme

Hands-On Health Promotion provides health promoters with useful guidance on everyday practice – on how to conceptualise, develop, implement, monitor, and evaluate health promotion programs at national, state and local levels.

In his Introduction to the book, Rob Moodie defines health promotion, provides a framework for how health promotion can be understood and successfully practised, and outlines the aim, approach, and content of the book.

The book’s 32 substantive chapters are then organised into five parts:

  • In Part 1, building blocks, the core activites that underpin all successful health promotion (information gathering, evaluation, influencing policy, public health law, advocacy, communication, leadership and management, project management, partnerships, and community mobilisation) are the focus, with the key elements of each activity outlined.
  • In Part 2,practical approaches are suggested to promoting specifc health and behavioural issues: tobacco control, physical activity, healthy eating, minimising harm from alcohol and illicit drugs, sexual health, injury prevention, road safety, and mental health and wellbeing.
  • In Part 3, practical approaches are offered to promoting health in various settings and sectors: early childhood, sport and active recreation, community arts, workplaces, and schools.
  • The focus of Part 4 is how the health of special populations (Indigenous people, refugees, women, men, young people, and older people) might best be promoted.
  • In Part 5, the focus is on how health inequalities might be reduced.

In each chapter, a what to do and a how to do approach is taken. The result is a stimulating, easy-to-read, and easy-to-use book that is ideal for project-to-project use – a book for dipping into, as a need arises, for ideas, inspiration, and directions.

The book will prove valuable to:

  • health promotion and public health practitioners;
  • tertiary-level students of health promotion, public health, medicine, and nursing;
  • health professionals, of various sorts, who are involved in health promotion ‘now and then’; and
  • other professionals (local government officers, community workers, sports coaches and managers, community arts workers, youth workers, etc) who play a vital role in promoting health.


Rob Moodie
Dr Rob Moodie has been CEO of the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (VicHealth) since 1998, and has professional appointments in public health at The University of Melbourne and Monash University.

For many years, Rob worked in refugee and Aboriginal health care, and HIV/AIDS prevention programs, with Save The Children Fund, Medecins sana Frontieres, Congress (the community-controlled Aboriginal health service in Alice Springs), WHO, UNDP, and UNAIDS.

Rod is co-chair of the 2004 International Union of Health Promotion and Education World COnference, and is a member of the Federal Minister’s Aid Advisory of the Asia Pacific Leadership Forum on HIV/AIDS.

Alana Hulme
Alana Hulme is Community Relationships Manager for Connectus, the business project of the Victorian Premier’s Drug Prevention Council.

Alana has managed a cross-sectoral partnership between the Royal Automobile Club of Victoria, the Transport Accident Commission, and the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation.

Alana has researched and worked on a diverse range of issues in health promotion, including risk and protective factors in young people, the role of local government in promoting health, and collaboration between health and other sectors.


For more information see the details on the publisher’s website.  The book may be ordered from the publisher.

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