ECT – An Australasian Guide


– An Australasian Guide

by J.W.G Tiller and R.W Lyndon


Misinformation about ECT has contributed to the fear and other negative attitudes towards treatment, in stark contrast to the views expressed by those who have benefited.

Electroconvulsive Therapy: an Australasian Guide brings together relevant information about ECT that will be of great value to both healthcare providers and to those whose lives are affected by severe mental illness.  Doctors need to be aware of the developments in the administration and monitoring of ECT.

Patients and their families are often searching for both detailed and accurate information on ECT so that they can make more informed choices.

This not-for-profit publication was developed by a group of clinicians expert in ECT. It fills a void by providing current factual information on this effective psychiatric treatment.


  • Advice for patients and their families
  • Developments in treatment
  • ECT in the elderly and adolescents
  • Benefits and adverse events with ECT
  • Nurses’, anaesthetists’ and psychiatrists’ roles
  • Monitoring treatment including EEG monitoring
  • Pre- and post-ECT patient management
  • A consensus statement on ECT administration

A must-have book, for all ECT services, psychiatric hospitals, community mental health clinics, and for patients and their families.

About the Editors, J.W.G Tiller and R.W. Lyndon

Professor JWG (John) Tiller is Professor of Psychiatry, The University of Melbourne and Director of ECT at Albert Road Clinic. He is a respected clinician, academic, teacher, and researcher with a particular interest in the treatment of serious mental illnesses including severe depression. He has made a long-standing contribution to the community mental health movement and patient education, and coordinates the Victorian ECT training program.

Dr RW (Bob) Lyndon is Chairman, Committee for Psychotropic Drugs and Other Physical Treatments, The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists, and Clinical Lecturer in Psychiatry, University of Sydney.  He has been instrumental in establishing ECT training in New South Wales, in improving standards of practice and clinical outcomes with ECT, and in developing the RANZCP clinical memorandum on ECT.

How to Buy?

This book is currently only available from the Victorian Medical Postgraduate Foundation (VMPF)

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