Compassion And Self Hate

Compassion And Self Hate

By Theodore Rubin

Free yourself from destructive behavior

Many of us know that self-destructive patterns are rooted in self-dislike, but few of us understand how to break them. In this wise and compassionate book, bestselling author and eminent psychiatrist Theodore Rubin shows us realistic ways to break these negative mental and emotional attitudes and build a strong sense of well-being and self-understanding.

Dr. Rubin looks of how self-hate begins, is sustained, and eventually leads to destructive and defeating behavior — from alcoholism and drug dependency to perfectionism and fear of failure (or success). Offering practical and reassuring advice, he shows that the key to freeing yourself from these restricting emotions and habits is to find and examine the self-hate that generates them, and then to release your innate and powerful capacity for compassion.

This warm, sympathetic, and ultimately practical guide to personal growth and fulfillment is timelier and more helpful than ever.


Theodore Isaac Rubin, M.D., has served as president of the American Institute of Psychoanalysis and is the author of thirty books, including The Angry Book, Lisa and David, Jordi, The Winner’s Notebook, and Lisa and David Today. His books have been translated all over the world. He lives and practices psychiatry in New York City.


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Published by:  Prentice Hall & IBD

ISBN: 0684841991


It was like magic that so much of what Dr. Rubin writes in Compassion and Self-Hate hit home with me. I can only say he set me free–from my past, myself and my life as it was. The book enabled me to embrace what life could be, but further influenced how I dealt with the children in my life so they would not be the afraid, nonfunctioning person I had been.

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