Back From The Brink

Back From The Brink

By Graeme Cowan

Back from the Brink” (BFTB) contains interviews of prominent and everyday Australians on how they overcame depression. In preparation for this book I interviewed over 250 people with depression to find out what they would like to ask the interviewees and what they found most effective in treating their depression.


I have had a reasonably successful business career, most recently as a corporate head hunter.  I am divorced and have two children.  I have had five major episodes of depression since I was 21.  The last episode was by far the worst and lasted five years.

During that time I went through an extraordinarily difficult period which resulted in 4 hospitalisations and a suicide attempt. I have tried 23 different medications, underwent ECT (shock treatment) on 19 occasions, tried Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, been coached in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and participated in many other programs related to the treatment of clinical depression. Since October 2005 I have gradually been climbing out of the fog

Graeme lives in Gordon, NSW and has been a strong supporter of our dNet.  He has spoken to many ‘dNetters’ in researching for his book, including depressioNet Founder, Leanne Pethick.

Graeme’s website:


You can purchase ‘Back From The Brink’ from most bookshops and it is also available in both paperback book and as an e-book at

Published by:  Bird in Hand Media

ISBN: 9-7809803393-0-7

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