Back From The Brink Too

Back From The Brink Too

by Graeme Cowan


Family members of people with mental illness play an enormous role in providing care and support for people living with depression, as well as other forms of mental illness.

Back From The Brink Too provides much-needed practical guidance for family carers and raise awareness of the key role they play in helping to manage mental illness, but it also works to reduce the isolation many families experience.

It wasn’t until Graeme recovered from his own depression did he come to understand the tremendous toll that the illness caused his family.

This book details discussions with well-known and everyday Australians about their personal journey of enduring and overcoming clinical depression. Graeme asks the tough and poignant questions of each interviewee, offering insights into their often dark and tumultuous experience. The stories are honest, first-hand accounts from people like Petria Thomas, John Konrads, Geoff Gallop, Les Murray and Margaret Olley and offers inspiration and hope for sufferers and their friends and family that there can truly be a day when loved ones come a back from the brink. The interviews are written in a Q and A format and are supplemented by the results of a 3000-person survey, resources from multiple organisations and research from the Black Dog Institute.



Graeme has had a reasonably successful business career, most recently as a corporate head hunter.  He is divorced and have two children. He has had five major episodes of depression since I was 21.  The last episode was by far the worst and lasted five years.

During that time he went through an extraordinarily difficult period which resulted in 4 hospitalisations and a suicide attempt. He tried 23 different medications, underwent ECT (shock treatment) on 19 occasions, tried Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, been coached in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and participated in many other programs related to the treatment of clinical depression. Since October 2005 he has gradually been climbing out of the fog

Graeme lives in Gordon, NSW and has been a strong supporter of our dNet.  He has spoken to many ‘dNetters’ in researching for his book, including depressioNet Founder, Leanne Pethick.



To purchase this book and or find out more about the author please visit Graeme Cowan’s website:I am Back from the Brink

Publisher: Bird In Hand Media

ISBN: 0980339316

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